Our Vision

The Milford Independent Cinema will provide affordable, family-oriented, first-run films Wednesdays through Sundays. In addition, we will host specialized showings (such as cinema appreciation) alongside special events for families, schools, and businesses. We plan to offer memberships for the Milford Independent Cinema that will entitle members to discounts and unique events.

Who We Are

We are a newly created nonprofit organization formed by members of the community who want to keep an independent cinema alive in our community and expand its potential to be a venue for other artistic endeavors including performing arts, amateur film, concerts, lectures, etc. The nonprofit board comprised of community members will work with the community to identify new opportunities.

The cinema will be a place for everyone in the community. As a nonprofit, all proceeds will be invested back into the mission of the organization.

Our Plan

Thanks to the support and partnership of the Matti family, the current Milford Cinema space will be rented to the new Milford Independent Cinema with the projector, screen, sound system, etc., intact. The work of the nonprofit is to turn this 1973 mostly original space into a modern theater with current amenities. The initial work to get the theater reopened will include:

Deep clean the theater
New paint and acoustic wall coverings
New seats (wider) with cup holders
Refurbished flooring
New concessions equipment

A more detailed, longer range plan is in the works. That plan will include details, specific anticipated expenditures and an anticipated timeline.


The goal is to open in early 2021. All donations will be directly invested in refurbishing the theater. As a nonprofit organization, the Milford Independent Cinema will be a true community investment driven project. The greater the community contribution, the more we will be able to do.


The Milford Independent Cinema is located at 945 East Summit, Milford, Michigan.

Our Purpose

To bring our community together with the common threads of movies, arts and culture.