Why should I donate?

Your donation will not only help preserve one of Huron Valley's most beloved institutions, but also ensure that the legacy of community fellowship will continue to be enjoyed by future generations. Our goal is to maintain the cinema as a welcoming place to gather with friends and family while connecting with others from the area, and to utilize the cinema to strengthen relationships with other businesses, organizations, and educational programs. By reaching our fundraising goal of $150,000, we will be able to replace the theater seats, remodel the concessions stand and lobby with an Art-deco style makeover, cover our initial operating costs (including hiring managerial staff), and purchase a new marquee as well as other signage.

What kind of movies will you show, and will they be different from what was shown under the previous owners?

On Wednesday through Sunday, the MIC will feature similar first run (or near first run) films that brought so many families and area residents to the cinema in previous decades. On Monday and Tuesday, we will offer a variety of special events and fundraiser activities including film appreciation night (featuring beloved, high interest films from the past), movie trivia league, student film festivals, date nights, and other activities. The cinema will also be available to families and businesses for rent during off hours.

When are you going to open?

Our plan is to open in early 2021. The faster we meet our fundraising goal, the more likely it is that this will happen!

How much will it cost to see a movie at the MIC?

Admission to the MIC will be more affordable than what individuals and families pay at nearby megaplex theaters. Additionally, we will offer a membership program with numerous incentives to maximize the value of every dollar spent by area residents in support of our theater.